Supply Chain Innovations for the New Normal
Helping consumer goods brands with innovative RTM solutions.
Supply Chain Innovations
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Bizom Retailer App
Rethinking distribution for the times of social distancing
Enable self-ordering from their Key Retail Outlets. It significantly reduces the number of visits required by the sales team to service the retailer.
Apart from moving to a pull-based distribution, Bizom Retailer App:
Attendance Management Helps notify retailers on active promotions
Attendance Management Provides insights on store demand
Attendance Management Enable trade settlements… and much more
Bizom Eagle Eye
Channelling sales efforts on servicing the outlets that matter, in these uncertain times
Bizom Eagle eye Helps consumer brands identify retailers who truly matter, the ones who are open and catering to the increasing customer demand in these times,enabling them to channel their sales efforts on servicing the outlets that are most valuable.
Bizom Eagle Eye helps brands:
Attendance Management Have a city-wise understanding of market hot spots at a granularity level of 2*2 km grids
Attendance Management Prioritize orders, fulfillment, direct benefit transfer and schemes to retailers at hotspots
Attendance Management Identify which outlets to onboard on to Bizom Retailer App on priority
Bizom Store Finder
Enable your customers to find your products in stores closest to them
Bizom’s StoreFinder enables your brand-loyal customers to find retailers closest to them stocking their favorite products. What’s more? We also analyze retailer’s orders to only display outlets that have recently ordered.
Bizom Store Finder:
Attendance Management Is the direct channel to help your customers find your products
Attendance Management Helps Identify stock availability in outlets in near-real time
Attendance Management Is a device-agnostic portal, works across devices and browsers
Mobile Retail Execution
Increase reach and transform your retail execution with remote sales teams
Enable virtual beats for your brand with the combined strength of Bizom Retailer App and a team of remote sales teams (tele-callers), without the cost and time required for a physical beat.
Increase coverage and reduce spends for field visits with a hybrid system that enables you to assign beats to executives(central) who will/can take orders using the tele-caller module. What’s better? Increase cost-efficiency by avoiding expenses related daily allowance, transport allowance and lodging (upcountry markets).