Field Force Tracking and
Activities Management
Ensure success of your field force operations via effective tracking and
data capture
real time field representative tracking software application tools
Easy Field Force management and data capture
Capture all types of data from field using highly customizable activity forms
Field Force Tracking Software- Real time tracking and management
Real time tracking and

Manage your field force with real time
geo location based tracking and
productivity reports.

Field Force Tracking Software- Real time data capture
Real time data capture

Capture a variety of data types using
customizable forms for market
intelligence, surveys etc.

Field Force Tracking Software- Report and Analytics
Report and Analytics

Analyze complex datasets captured
from the field using Bizom’s versatile
analytics engine.

Field Force Tracking Software- Attendance Management
Attendance Management

Geo tagged, geo fenced, time
stamped, selfie based attendance
system to manage field force

Bizom- Field Force Tracking Portal
Bizom comes with features that allow you to make the most of your
field force activities.
Attendance Management User activity and location tracking on map
Attendance Management Highly Customized Forms to capture retailer activity & market data
Attendance Management Capture all types of data including images, survey information, market intelligence and much more
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